Side effect of wifi signal

This Health Care Tips Today discuss about Side effect of wifi signal. Side effect of wifi signal will threat your health. According to the report of some health experts, they say that there will be side effect for your health from wifi signal. Before discussing about those effects, there will be some discussions about its signal. Wifi signal is kind of signal that can transfer cable work from room to room even for further area. They can still reach other rooms by their signal.

So, what are some health side effects of this signal. Keep reading below and find your best information here.

Brain cancer

This is the first cancer that can be caused by wifi signal. The expert say the electromagnetic signal can cause brain cancer. It will attack your brain work and make you lost some memories. There is lower electromagnetic signal that can attack your body energy. Your energy can be better by avoiding wifi area.

Health problem

Some people were reported for having health problems because of wifi signal. It can make you get dizzy, heart beat problem, and digestive problem. You will also get depression. So, you need to be careful with this case. Finally, those are all some short discussions about side effect of wifi signal.

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