What causes dandruff on your hair?

What causes dandruff on your hair? Dandruff is one of annoying problems for our hair. It will also disturb our look especially when we have gathering with our friends. Sometimes, we need to hide them as long as we can. Dandruff will be found on somebody’s hair who cannot maintain their hair health.

There are also other factors that can take dandruff on your hair. Here are some causes from your hair dandruff problem.


This is the first cause of your dandruff hair. This problem will influence your psychological condition. So, there will imbalance hormone on your body. Then, it will cause the oily scalp on your hair. As a result, it will appear dandruff problem in your hair.

Oily scalp

As on the previous paragraph mentioned that oily scalp can cause dandruff on your hair. Oily scalp will make your hair getting any bacteria. Besides that, it is unhealthy condition from your hair that should be solved. If you let your scalp oily, it will appear dandruff.

Genetic factor

Genetic factor can be also the cause of your dandruff problem. In addition you will special treatment to solve hair problem caused by genetic factor. Finally, those are all some discussions about what causes dandruff on your hair.

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